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Dear Ladies!

Get Ready To Learn
The Most Powerful Skill of Earning From The Stock Market

It's Happening on 
05th June 2023 Monday

This Webinar Enables You To:

Make Money From Your Money

Invest and Multiply Your Income

Learn a Powerful Wealth Building Strategy

Trade With A Right Plan

Minimise Your Risks. Maximise Your Profits



Live Session

3 Hours of Intensive Learning

Live On Zoom


English + Hindi Mix

Easy To Understand For Everyone

Who Can Attend:

Fresher / Beginner







A Brand Name That Has Changed The Whole Concept Of Trading Financial Markets Globally.







Empowering Women For Freedom!

It’s time to bring out the ‘Super Single’ in you, be fiercely independent.
Unleash your hidden power of making money happen.



Since eons, women have been loved. Women are protected. Women are told what to do so that their lives are better. Women are considered weaker and incompetent.Till when? In reality, women are capable of doing everything. They are able to make everything happen. Then why this dependency? Every woman has a fire inside of her waiting to be released. But, she tames it herself, compromising and giving up on the things she deserves. Now we turn the wheel of time. Light our will of fire and take back

the control of  what is ours. Take back control of the power of decision making. To take back the charge of running our own finances. To be ambitious once again and this time, fight for our dreams to come true. You are a woman and you have so much more to you. You are born to Inspire; to leave behind a legacy. You are born for Global Domination. You have given up enough time on your dreams, your passion, and things you wanted to do. Things that make you, You. Now is the time



to take a leap of freedom and soar, because the sky is your limit and your will is boundless. Let’s Make Women Trade is a mission; a social duty taken up by Asmita Patel, a fair fight for your freedom. An opportunity to rule the markets and create the life you desire all by yourself. Let’s Make Women Trade is an expression of freedom, from a woman to a woman. You are capable of amazing things and you can conquer empires. All that you have to do is, light the blaze again. Awaken the girl in you. Let your ‘Zidd’ take over once again.

Invest with easy strategies based on Simple Logical Systems

Trade With No Indicators, No Patterns, No Charts, No Graphs; Just Price

You Can Do It Without Any Prior Experience

Create an influence by being successful in career

Be the one to fulfil all your desires

Become Your Family’s Money Manager

Our Students; Inspiring Women Traders







The She-Wolf of the Stock Market. 

A National Award Winner and Asia's #1 Women Trader is leading a Global Revolution in the world of Stock Market

A woman who fought the odds to make it larger than life in the world of the Stock Market. The one who took a high jump over all the fences of critics in the market. She is bold, she is charismatic, she is the most influential and inspiring woman in the Indian Stock Market. She is ASMITA PATEL! A National Award Winner and Asia’s #1 Woman Trader and Mentor of Stock Market is creating a breed of successful traders for 16 years.


Today, with a worldwide reach in 20+ countries, Asmita Patel Global School of Trading has become Asia’s #1 school in Stock Market. Her superior knowledge and remarkable skill to simplify complex trading to school math are phenomenal which today is a patent trading system of Asmita Patel. Her mission started with “Let’s Make India trade” which turned out epic and created a global revolution in the Stock Market and now the mission takes a 10X bigger leap by marching towards a global revolution for Freedom of finance in the lives of more than 1 lakh women worldwide, making this World’s First Mega Stock Market Event for WOMEN.

Women should learn Stock Market! Because they make better investors, and here's the reason why,

A Woman’s role as a homemaker or professional has undergone a huge change in the last few years. Women’s contribution has grown tall in every industry and is creating it’s greatest impact of all time today. Women are now striving to build wealth and create a life of prosperity for themselves independently, establishing financial equality. For the one’s who seek to have a life of financial independency, you can pull up your sleeves and outperform the qualities of men’s nature in Stock Market. Women have more long-term perspective than men, they are more risk-conscious, they are better planners. Women create instant competitive advantage. Stock Market is a perfect business model for women as it ends their hustle and gives them the time to work on their dreams. We need not list down the responsibilities lying on the shoulders of a woman, be it home or work due to which they cannot do what they love. Trading is the best way for them to generate income without working day and night. In short, if we see in a 360 degree perspective, women fit in the role of a trader perfectly just like your favorite jeans. They have all the qualities to run the business and all the time to fulfil their long forgotten dreams.







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Investing/Trading in stock market is subject to market risks and there is no assurance or guarantee of returns - neither the principal nor the appreciation of the investments. The content/Education Provided by institute or the mentors or their assigns is solely for general interest, educational purposes & reader's information. All participants are requested to seek independent and expert opinions before acting on anything mentioned in this course/program. We are not liable or responsible for any decision taken by the participant solely based on the information provided here. All information/views/opinions in the course/program are our interpretation and we cannot be held responsible for any miscommunication, misinformation or any action taken by an individual or group based on the course/program. By enrolling and accessing the program/course, you accept the “Disclaimer”, without limitation or qualification. On viewing this disclaimer, you understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of risk involved if the information is misinterpreted. As stipulated by law, the institute cannot and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with ideas, information, tools, or strategies from the course/ program. The participant should know that all the ideas, information, tools, or strategies shared during the course/program are for educational and informational purpose only. Asmita Patel Global School of Trading, Asmita Patel and her team are neither responsible nor liable for any losses resulting from the investments. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions, and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions, or results, at any time, and under any circumstance.

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